Bike Racks

Trailer Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

Bike Racks for All Your Vehicles

We make it Easy to take your Bicycle to Anywhere USA

Do you long to ride your bicycle on the trails and to destinations outside your neighborhood?

Come to Mann’s in north Seattle to purchase a trailer hitch mounted bicycle rack. We’ll get you on the road to freedom!

  1. Step One: Have us install a hitch on your vehicle that will hold a bicycle rack
  2. Step Two: Purchase one of our racks that holds two, three or four bicycles
  3. Step Three: We’ll attach the rack and teach you how operate it
  4. Step Four: Enjoy!

Being able to attach your bicycle so easily to the rear of your car, truck or SUV gives you wings to ride wherever your dreams take you. Forget about having to break down your bicycle to fit into your car, scratches from a trunk mounted bicycle rack or having to load your bicycle on top of your car or SUV. A trailer hitch mounted bicycle rack will make your recreational life much more enjoyable.

We sell both SOFTRIDE and THULE brands that allow for a quick and easy way to mount your bike. The models we sell hold two to four bikes, depending on your need

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