Custom Trucks

We Build Amazing Trucks to Fit Your Needs

Custom Trucks Designed and Built to Your Specifications

Mann’s is the place to come for a custom truck body build for your construction or landscaping business. We’ll build a truck body that uniquely fits the needs for the services you provide.

Landscaping Enclosure

Let us help you get started in your new landscaping business! A custom landscaping enclosure and mower rack will allow you to enter the industry with minimal financial outlay. The landscaping enclosure will contain yard debris and the rack will store a maximum of two mowers and an edger. Let us customize an enclosure to meet your needs.

Landscaping Dump Body with Folding Ramp

We build high-end dump bodies for profession landscaping businesses. These custom dump bodies are made for high volume and feature a folding ramp that accommodates 48” walk-behind deck mowers. Additional features include a three-legged tree trimming ladder rack, a three bay rake and shovel holder, and two rear double doors for dumping debris – each capable of storing a leaf blower. Let us build and design a landscape body that fits your needs and helps your expand your business.

We’ll construct the truck body that will help your business be more efficient and successful.

Call Tim at 206-362-4440 for a consultation.

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